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Saskatoon Wallbangers

This information about the Wallbangers and photos were provided by Orville Olm of Gismo Geezer products

The Saskatoon indoor flyers are a mix of Hub City Radio Control Club members and other enthusiastic individuals. The small size of the Bishop Pocock School gym makes most of us into wallbangers rather often. The free flighters usually outnumber the R/C flyers, with from six to twelve flyers in attendance every Saturday night from 7:30 to after 10 PM. Post Flight debriefing is held at Tim Hortens where many tall tales of air adventures are told.

            Although we try to fly all types of indoor models, we have decided to hold competitions in four classes:

1.         No Cal

2.         5 cent (nickel) Scale

3.         MAAC Cub

4.         size Cloud Tramp

 Almost everyone has a MAAC Cub so we always have a mass launch competition at the end of every flying session.

Wallbangers and their gym

 Bob Peneley   (Who Orville says is their best indoor R/C pilot)

 Ralph Dodsworth and Daryl Wurtz

 George Merkel and Les Senner

 Orv. Olm and Harold Rudy


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