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These pictures were taken at the 2003 Canadian Indoor Freeflight Nats

                     Nats CD Gord Smith hard at work

       Grand Champion Mike Thomas with his Mini Stick

                                       Jim Lee

Jack McGillivray

Vladimir Linardic with his 1st place Limited Penny Plane                        Bill Leppard from Oxford Michigan
           Peter Olshefsky with Limited Penny Plane                            Jack McGillivray
     Vlad with his two favorite models ( A ROG and Angela ) Roy Bourke who along with Angela took most of these pictures
                                                    Fred Tellier Blatter 40

                         Supermarine Sparrow by Mike Thomas

                                               Vlad's NoCal in flight                                    Vladimir Linardic's Limited Penny Plane
                                    Mike Thomas hard at work                                             Bill Henderson happily winding for a flight
                                                      Bill Henderson                                     Cloudbuster members Fred Tellier and Bill Leppard
                   Vlad getting picked on by his girlfriend Angela and Roy Bourke                                               Jim Lee with his ace pit crew ( wife)