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Here are some Photos provided by Mike Thomas from the Balsa Beavers Boxing Day Contest

As reported by Mike the Contest was it's usual success with a great turnout of young flyers entering the Blatter 40 contest. 19 entries!!!! The well run contest also included free pizza for all the entrants. Each of the juniors won a kit prize. 


Dominic Zalewski & Colourful Blatter 40

Martin York & BP Defiant-WW2 Mass Launch Winner

Profile of NoCal Spitfire

WW2 Mass Launch Entry

Vlad Lindardic with LTD PP Winner


WW1 Combat

1st        Vladimir Linardic            

2nd        Mike Thomas

3rd        Chris Brownhill


WW2 Combat

1st        Martin York

2nd        Mike Thomas

3rd        Janek Zalewski


No Cal Over 5 Gms - 3 Flight Total

1st        Vladimir Linardic        9:33

2nd        Mike Thomas       7:26

3rd        Chris Brownhill     4:44


No Cal Under 5 Gms - 3 Flight Total

1st        Vladimir Linardic        7:13


Dime Scale

1st        Chris Brownhill        1:16



1st        Vladimir Linardic        5:40

2nd        Brian Smith          1:38


Easy A

1st         Vladimir Linardic        1:23


Blatter 40 Open

1st        Brian Smith        2:20

2nd        Mike Thomas    2:16

3rd        Vladimir Linardic      1:59


Blatter 40 Junior

1st         Yuri Agayan        1:18

2nd        Ziggy Szpak        1:15

3rd        Michael Prelich      1:15


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